Box labelling

We offer box labelling with hot stamping, barcode labels and RFID tags.

Labelling is a great way to make your products stand out on the shelves, to bring a special touch to the presentation of your products. In addition, labelled boxes are less likely to be confused with other people’s boxes. Your logo on the boxes will therefore save you money by reducing the number of missing boxes.

Labels with RFID tags or barcodes facilitate internal logistics at all stages of production. Thanks to these labels and special equipment, you can quickly and easily find out where any box containing the products you need is at that moment.

Frequently asked questions

Standard labelling tapes are available in the following colours: white, yellow, black, red, gold, silver.
In order for us to start the labelling process, please send us a file or image of your logo, your preferred tape colour and additional comments on the placement. We will prepare a mock-up, you will approve it, and we will start executing your order.
We will be happy to label your boxes if it is possible to do so on our equipment.
During the labelling process, the hot die melts the tape into the plastic, so the logo is resistant to washing machines and minor scratches.

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