ALC with lid

ALC storage boxes are a classic solution for workshops and warehouses. With this solution, you will save space. Thanks to the conical structure, when the boxes are empty they can be stacked one inside the other, and when they are full they can be stacked on top of each other. Such boxes are an indispensable storage aid.

– Reduction of storage space up to 75%
– Saving space in the car when transporting empty boxes
– Stackable
– Robust construction

Additional information

Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)

240, 290, 340


400x300x240mm, 16.4L, 1,7kg, 400x300x290mm, 20.5L, 1.9kg, 400x300x340mm, 24.64L, 2.06kg, 600x400x240mm, 36.5L, 2.69kg, 600x400x290mm, 46L, 2.86kg, 600x400x340mm, 55L, 3.06kg, 600x400x440mm, 73L, 3.64kg